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Information About Mathematics : Your Career In

Jobs directly related to your degree

* Research scientist (maths) - a researcher’s work may be in universities and research institutes or may cover pure mathematics, analysis and mathematical modelling in a range of settings from industry and commerce to cryptographic work at GCHQ and the MOD.
* Statistician - collects, analyses and interprets quantitative information in areas such as health, the environment, industry, government and education. Statisticians are responsible for designing and managing experiments and surveys in addition to interpreting results.
* Operational researcher - exploits advanced optimisation tools from mathematics and statistics to help organisations make decisions and maximise their efficiency in widely varying situations from handling kidney transplant waiting lists to making production lines in factories work more efficiently. Operational researchers work in government, consultancies and for individual companies in, for example, the manufacturing and transport sectors.
* Aeronautical engineer - applies scientific and technological principles to research, design and develop the performance of civil and military aircraft, missiles, weapons systems, satellites and space vehicles. Mathematicians are employed mainly in the design stage. A Masters in an engineering-related discipline such as fluid dynamics would be an advantage.
* Meteorologist - uses high level analytical mathematics, e.g. differential equations, fluid dynamics and computer modelling, to predict weather and climate both in the long and short term.
* Secondary school teacher - teaches mathematics to pupils aged 11-18. A PGCE or Scottish PGDE is usually required.
* Actuarial consultant or Actuary - interprets mathematical results from past events in order to predict future risk and makes commercial decisions based on those results. The profession has adopted 'making financial sense of the future' as its slogan. Actuaries work in government, insurance companies, actuarial consultancies and large chartered accountancy firms.
* Financial risk analyst - identifies and analyses areas of potential risk threatening the assets, earning capacity or success of organisations in the industrial, commercial or public sector and has responsibility for predicting change and future trends and forecasting their potential cost to the organisation. Financial risk analysts work in sales, trading, marketing and private banking.
* Investment analyst - undertakes research to provide ideas and information to fund managers to enable them to make decisions relating to the company’s investment portfolios. Investment analysts work for investment management companies, stockbrokers and investment banks.

Jobs where your degree would be useful

* Chartered accountant, Chartered certified accountant, Chartered management accountant or Chartered public finance accountant - provides services such as audit/assurance, accountancy, tax, financial planning and budgeting either within one firm or organisation, or to a range of clients and organisations in the public and/or private sectors.
* Corporate financier - provides a range of financial services and advice to companies, institutions and governments seeking to manage corporate, strategic or financial opportunities - more popularly known as investment bankers, though the work of investment bankers includes other functions, such as mergers and acquisitions.
* Market researcher - collects and analyses information from consumers on behalf of businesses, government and charities; analyses consumer opinions and presents results to enable organisations to make informed decisions. Market researchers often specialise in one sector, such as consumer or social research.
* Transport planner - forecasts travel trends, develops strategies to manage demand and considers ways to persuade people to change their behaviour in line with government policy. Transport planners may work in transport planning consultancies, local authorities, government and large engineering consultancies.

(This information is extracted from prospects.ac.uk)

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