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Civil engineers are involved with the design, development and construction of a huge range of projects in the built and natural environment. Their role is central to ensuring the safe, timely and well-resourced completion of projects in many areas, including highways construction, waste management, coastal development and geotechnical engineering.

There are two main types of civil engineer:

* Consulting civil engineer - consulting civil engineers are responsible for working directly with clients to plan, manage, design and supervise the construction of projects. They work in a number of different settings and though they will largely be office based they may handle on-site project management too. They may also monitor the quality of work and safety on site in conjunction with contracting engineers.
* Contracting civil engineer - contracting civil engineers aim to turn the plans of consulting civil engineers (designers) into reality. They oversee the actual construction on the ground, managing human and material resources. All civil engineers need a good understanding of both design and construction processes and in practice the divide between the two sides is often blurred.

You may wish to explore both options further to see which would suit you best.
Jobs where your degree would be useful

* Building control surveyor - responsible for ensuring that building control regulations are observed in the planning and construction stages of new buildings and most property extensions and conversions.
* Building services engineer - ensures the cost-effective and environmentally sound design and maintenance of energy-using elements in buildings.
* Engineering geologist - assesses the impact of soil, rock, groundwater and other natural conditions on major construction schemes.
* Environmental engineer - assesses and manages the effects of human and other activity on the natural and built environment.
* Geotechnical engineer - applies the sciences of soil and rock mechanics, engineering geology and other disciplines to civil engineering design and construction.
* Hydrologist - monitors and manages the flow of water through channels and pipes for the engineering and control of water provision.
* Quantity surveyor - manages all costs related to building projects.
* Site engineer - performs a technical, organisational and supervisory role on construction and other site engineering projects.
* Structural engineer - designs structures that will withstand the pressures they have to endure. Structural engineers also examine buildings, bridges and other structures to discover whether or not they are structurally sound.
* Traffic/highways engineer - ensures that traffic management schemes are well planned, cost effective, sustainable and fully integrated.
* Water engineer - works to provide clean water, dispose of waste water and sewage and prevent flood damage.

(This information is extracted from prospects.ac.uk)

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