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Jobs directly related to your degree

* Research scientist (physical sciences) - involves designing and conducting experiments to collect observable physical evidence of natural phenomena. This information is analysed to develop practical applications in the creation of new materials and devices.
* Higher education lecturer - facilitates learning and carries out research activities in universities. Most HE lecturers pursue their own areas of research and develop these in order to contribute to the wider research activities of their institution.
* Medical physicist - applies physics and technical skills to the practice of medicine in radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology and non-ionising radiations in order to help prevent, diagnose and treat many kinds of diseases and health conditions.
* Radiation protection practitioner - gives advice and guidance about the possible hazards of ionising radiation and radioactive materials and waste; uses scientific techniques and equipment to measure and monitor radiation, assess risks and ensure the safety of the workplace, the general public and the environment.
* Geophysicist/field seismologist - uses complex equipment to collect data on earthquakes and seismic waves, which move through and around the earth. The geophysicist's main responsibility is controlling data quality by monitoring displays and performing some initial interpretation.
* Secondary school teacher - teaches one or more national curriculum subjects to pupils aged 11-16 or up to 19 in schools with sixth forms. Teachers encourage, monitor and record the progress of individual pupils, and devise and tailor resources accordingly.
* Scientific laboratory technician - responsible for laboratory-based tasks, which include sampling, testing, measuring, recording and analysing results in biological, chemical, physical and life sciences whilst adhering to correct procedures and health and safety guidelines.

Jobs where your degree would be useful

* Meteorologist - involved in the study of the causes of particular weather conditions; uses computerised and mathematical models designed to make short- and long-range forecasts concerning weather and climate patterns.
* Patent agent - assesses whether inventions are new and innovative and therefore eligible to be patented; drafts and carries through applications to secure patents and act to enforce inventors’ rights if patents are infringed.
* Operational researcher - makes use of analytical and creative skills to assist organisations to develop better systems and operational procedures; uses mathematical or computer models to find more effective procedures.
* Product/process development scientist - works with research scientists to develop scientific discoveries, which are generated into new materials and/or products for manufacture; aims to optimise the performance of manufacturing systems.
* Software engineer - researches, designs and develops software systems to meet with clients’ requirements. Once the system had been fully designed, software engineers test, debug and maintain the systems.
* Technical author - communicates technical messages to specific audiences at levels the user can understand. This involves interpreting the technology then designing and writing documentation, often presented through an instruction manual, CD-ROM or online help.

(This information is extracted from prospects.ac.uk)

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